Easter dinner 🐣

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Easter dinner and a special thanks to Sharon Wachal for all the great food you prepared with the youth.

Teen Stop Jeunesse Inc parent company of St Vital Adult Education would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of our Student Cody Fontaine who passed away on Monday April 10.

Program Spotlight- Arts 🎭

The Visual Arts and Crafts Program plan many exciting activities. We are committed to helping youth find a creative outlet through the arts; whether that is dancing, drawing, painting, photography or model building. We also encourage youth to come up with and plan new and imaginative activities or events. We believe in fostering in youth an appreciation for the arts and in their own creativity!

Program Spotlight- Music/Recording Program

In the music program we strive to educate the youth on music and help them to reach their full musical potential. In our newly built recording studio, (TSJ Recordings) we offer the chance for youth to be mentored in guitar, drums, piano and vocals. Youth do not only have the opportunity to take part as performers, but if they prefer can learn music production, audio engineering and recording. This gives them an outlet to focus their creative energy in an area that may not have been available to them anywhere else.

Program Spotlight- Life Skills

The Life Skills program gives youth the opportunity to learn how to prepare healthy meals including writing a shopping list, choosing recipes, measuring ingredients and presenting the finish product. Youth are involved in all aspects of meal preparation including choosing the menu, preparing the meal and also cleaning up after themselves with support and supervision of staff. The goal is to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment where youth can engage with each other and adults while having a healthy meal.